Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pastor Steve is in Kitale

Pastor Steve in Kitale (2004) with a street boy on his lap

My first visit to Kenya was with an "awakening" team from Saddleback Church in the summer of 2004. That team was led by the most amazing man...Pastor Steve Rutenbar.

Steve is a giant of a man...6'7" tall with a heart to match. He has been leading teams to Kenya for over 10 years and is kind of like a "rock star" in Kitale...in fact, all over Kenya. Where ever he goes...he is recognized and usually trailed by a mob of kids chanting "Pastor Steve...Pastor Steve..." or more often..."Big Steve...". To see this huge man kneel down and put a little kid on his lap and quietly ask "What is your name?" is to get a small glimpse of what it must have looked like when Jesus did the same.

God has given Steve the gift of being able to reconcile people. He is one of the wisest men I know. I have seen him bring healing and peace to situations between people where there was seemingly no solution.

Steve is in Kenya right now.

Now, I am not saying that I think that Steve can single-handedly heal what is happening in Kenya right now. But, I believe that God will use him to touch hearts and to restore some hope to what many feel is a hopeless situation. And that is a good thing.

Steve is posting a daily blog during his trip. It paints an amazing picture of what it is like in Kenya right now.

Check it out at :

And while you are at it...take a moment to say a little prayer for Steve and for Kenya.

Thanks...I love you guys.

Lydia (mama O)

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